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About Us


Blue Crescent Outreach Foundation  was founded in 2015 to offer academic support, and leadership development for minority students at the middle school and high school level (ages 8-18). Our framework is based on ideals developed through Sigma Beta Club Foundation which was established by Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Inc. Along with mentoring young men we provide scholarship opportunities to college bound students.

Operating Framework with which we operate is based on guidelines established by the Sigma Beta Club Foundation, we focus primarily on education, career development, financial literacy and community service.

Educational Programming provides mentors who provide real life experience to our young men. We work to increase our members’ awareness and knowledge in the S.T.E.A.M. fields, and with the trade fields.

Career Development programming starts with our mentoring, we show these young men how far they can achieve their goals through positive role models, college preparation seminars, basic job skills, resume writing, and business development.

Financial Literacy is important and Blue Crescent Outreach Foundation recognizes that having strong money management skills is one key to becoming a productive adult. We provide lectures from budgeting to basic financial investment.

We also teach our young men the importance of serving their community.


OUR Leaders

From Left to Right: 


Bro. Dr. Reginald Spears

Vice President:

Bro. Stacey Bullard 


Bro. Kevin Chedda


Bro. Alex Felton

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